Dear Justice

Dear Justice System,
I want you to know that you’re not doing your job, and it is becoming more and more obvious over the years.

I have not personally been wronged by your extreme negligence, but I have had numerous people in my life touched by your influence, and it never results in a positive outcome for them. You are careless and charge forward with decisions that only benefit the people who lined your pockets with gold. The blindfold you once wore is now askew, so that you can see who places money on the scale to tip it in their favor, and who can’t afford that. The poor you separate off to earn you money in the prison industry, and the rich you allow to roam free under claims of insanity as long as they pay you and your associates the right price. Since when did you become and elitist and a racist? Who changed your point of view from that of blind unbias? And how did you lose sight of the fact that you can instantly change someone’s life with the swift clang of the gavel? And how do you not conceive the gravity of the decisions you make? Sure, when you are in the spotlight, you play by all the rules and act as if you are the post child for fairness, but when you are left to your own devices, in the hands of tired, worn down people, you fail to uphold the pursuit of unbiased truths. How could you become so careless when handling the lives of others?

Perhaps one day you will change your ways, and justice will be served as best as humanly possible. Maybe one day you will choose to allow my brother to be on house arrest, versus being locked in with dangerous criminals under the bullshit charge of ‘drug paraphernalia’. Maybe one day you will value the┬ásafety of a human being over the amount of money you make by putting yet another number into the prison system. Maybe that same day, you will improve your prison exit programs to the point of actually being able to provide valuable job skills for the inmates looking to rejoin society, so that they do not leave your system, just to be tossed in again the next week for selling drugs to pay their bills. Maybe one day you will actually give everyone a fair chance. I hope that I live to see that kind of change manifest in this country, because that day I will be proud to be an American. Right now, however, you make me ashamed of the false ideals we uphold in portrayed innocence. We may welcome foreigners with open arms, or at least used to, but now we welcome them into our country, and then direct them straight to our prisons. You have taken a once respected institution and practices, and turned it into the shittiest motel industry I have ever seen. The prison system no longer brings reform and reflection, it brings death, rape, and insanity, just like that sketchy motel on the side of Route 66. You should be ashamed of the institution you created, it is just an extended stay motel, with stale complimentary breakfast, no housekeeping, and bed bug infestations – who could be proud of that? Your authority has worn off, and people choose to check into your shitty motel in order to escape the even harsher realities they live in. Checking in is no longer a threat, it is an offer to be fed once a day and have a designated area to sleep. So while your hands are being greased by the people who live above that low standard of service you provide, the people who live below the poverty line are taking advantage of your resources for their own benefit, under the guise of having committed a┬ámenial crime. You should embarrassed and ashamed of yourself.



P.S. Do you feel like you are really doing the best you can do? Do you have any trouble sleeping at night? Does the weight of your decisions weigh on you fully? Because if not, allow me to remind you of this, you ruin innocent people’s lives every day.


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