Basic Concepts of Life

Very simple ideas were taken for granted in her mind, as she operated under the understanding that everyone had the capacity to consider them easily. She assumed that all minds could conceive that it is logical to learn how to use a tool before putting it into action. Or that it would make sense to clean up after yourself so that you could find things later with ease. It could also be argued with reason that you should treat others and their belongings with a level of respect, no matter how much value you see in them or the clutter they keep in their life. These examples of simple concepts had been ingrained in her, and it was simply unreasonable and illogical to take action which contradicted these principles of living. However, she was finding herself to be in the minority with her assumptions on standard operating procedures in life.

The deed is everything in her world, and words have little significance. There had been a lot of promises made to her over the course of her life, and few that she could count on to have followed through. Although others would talk about their ideal methods of operating, she filtered the meaningless words out from the picture, and took a look at the actions occurring instead. She was guilty of the same personification of idealistic methods, and not following through on them. However, taking into consideration that we are all human, she accepted these flaws and would look for a consistency in earnestly believing in the action one took to be for the better.  Whether or not those actions aligned with what she personally believed in, that did not matter. It was the taking of action in the first place that she respected and applauded. Any step in any direction is still a step, and something more than just talking about what one would ideally like to accomplish.

Only rarely did she encounter another soul aligned with her method of thought in regards to the combining of ideas, actions, and speech. Those people she could operate with without ever speaking a word; communicating only with action and the anticipation of what the other person will do next, based on their past habits of operation. The pleasure of working in synchrony was not something she took for granted, unlike simple ideas. The rarity of finding someone who instinctively operates on the same brain wave as her was a treasure that she held onto. Often, she found herself changing the way she operated for the sake of others – either pretending to understand a concept she had never heard of or dumbing down her speech to fit into the environment she stood in, simply to make it easier for her to operate in that space.

Her desires are limited to finding an easier way to cope with life, and change it into something that is to be celebrated every day versus dreading the responsibility and exhaustion it entails. A simple concept, yet one that she struggled with every waking moment of her life. Although she thought about what she wanted to accomplish every day, and would even go about discussing it in great lengths with others, she still struggled to take progressive action on a regular basis. Her words were often meaningless, despite the good intentions that they had sprung from. She discussed idealistic concepts of success and happiness in life, and then made decisions that would only bring her closer to the enemy of depression and laziness that seeped into her instincts. She had taken steps in all directions, progressive and recessive, and somehow managed to always return to the same spot of stagnant life. She was not at harmony with herself, and struggled to learn the melody that ignited her to live life to the fullest. The evils of laziness and pessimism were too easy to revert back to in the face of oppression and struggle. It was as if she was physically struggling with the two angels on her shoulders, and receiving that majority of the abuse in the end. She faced the human condition of weighing ‘good’ versus ‘evil’, but she could never keep her footing long enough to give each weight equal consideration. She was out of synchrony with herself, and struggled to communicate her own simple ideas while failing to follow through on those words with action. She needed to take one step towards logic, and allow herself the backlash of a unstable step towards uncertainty, before regaining her sure footing and charging forward with blind confidence. Just one step.


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