Dear S

Dear Stephan,
After your visit the other day, I have been thinking about what an amazing man you are. You are literally the definition of a “good guy” and that’s one of the many reasons why I love you. You make time to see the people you love and care about, and despite the words of crisitism we share between us, there is nothing about you that I would change. It baffles me that the women you have encountered over the course of your life have not claimed you and that charming smile of yours from the moment they saw you. You have so much going for you, but sometimes I feel like you fail to see that. Yes, you may be a bit of a nerd, and are not built like a piece of solid carved marble, but you have the sense of humor and understanding nature that any woman would be grateful to have in her life. How do they not see that you are such a rare catch? Then again, how do you not see that?

I must admit that once or twice I have entertained the idea of claiming you as my own, not that you would allow that without a fight of course. We get along like best friends, and you have met my entire immediate family, and gotten along with them famously. You make me laugh and smile when I am hanging out with you, and have inhereted the valuable culinary skills that your father possess. You are holding down an awesome job with a cause, travelled Europe by yourself, and finished up multiple degrees at college. I was honored to be your arm candy for that wedding, and mildly entertained the idea of us doing that together again in the future. We would be a fun, easy going match, but I also think that it would be a match that would end the friendship that I cherish so deeply. I hate pulling the cop out card of “I value our friendship too much to sleep together,” but it’s true. You are one of the men that I will introduce my future husband to, but I don’t think we should be standing at the alter together, as much as I would be honored to be that woman for you. When you do find your future best friend and life long companion, I will judge her with a scrutinous eye and put her through a series of rigorous tests. She will not be welcomed into our family of friends easily, but if she loves you the way I want her to, she will see that it is worth putting up with my bullshit. I feel unnecessarily protective of you, and selfishly only want you to be with someone who is better than me. I want her to be caring, understanding, have an amazing sense of humor, a kind soul, and a everlasting sense of adventure and appreciation for your beautiful mind. I want her to look like a super model, and melt at your smile every time it is cast in her direction. I want to help you find her, but want her to seek you out with earnest and determination. Because you are stubbornly blind and passive, and often don’t recognize a potentially good thing until it is shoved down your throat. I love you and only want the best for you.
P.S. I look forward to meeting the girl of your dreams, and can’t wait to welcome another amazing woman into my life and family. I have faith that you will be patient to find this amazing woman, but hope that you do not become laxadasical about it. Because I call dibs if that woman never comes along, and the man of my dreams never finds his way to my life. Because what we have already is too amazing to pass taking a chance on, and one of these days I just might claim you as my own and you will have no word in the matter. It will just happen, don’t fight it, because I love you.

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