A Visit From a Sparrow

Sitting at her desk, engrossed in her work and the disorganized thoughts running in a constant stream through her head, she turned towards the window and noticed that she had a little bird friend sitting on the fence, peering in. She glanced back to her computer screen, assuming that her new found friend would be leaving now that it was spotted, but it didn’t. It stayed on the fence, staring at her with intent. She smiled, and as if it was a cue for the bird, it took off in flight. Happy that she had caught that moment with nature, she turned back to her work. Only moments later however, her friend had returned with another bird friend, and they both sat perched on the fence, looking in through her dirty office window. Taking this as one of the many signs nature likes to present to us in life, she looked even closer at her feathered friends, and was able to identify them as the common sparrow. They sat there with her for a moment longer, before taking off in flight together, leaving her to look up various opinions on what a visit from sparrow friends meant.

With an open mind and the scanning of many internet sources, she came to determine that it was commonly thought that the sparrow is a sign of strength in a small package. Although the sparrow is tiny and unassuming, it reminds you that you do not have to have the loudest voice to be heard. The sparrow keeps a light heart and doesn’t sweat the small stuff or stress out over keeping up with the Jones’s. A visit from this feathered friend was meant to remind her to focus on the good in her life, rather than being bogged down by all the trials and tribulations that are constantly handed to her. A lighthearted spirit will keep you progressing towards your goals and dreams, and keep up the belief that anything is possible if you are willing to put a little bit of elbow grease into it. The sparrow is well known for it’s industrious habits and constantly working to make its nest comfortable and its community happy. Sparrows live and travel in packs, and a lone sparrow is thought to be one of the loneliest images. As a sign of this, sailors going out to see would often get a sparrow tattooed on their chest, and then get a matching one on the other side upon their return.
Having had an unusual amount of sparrow encounters lately, she took the symbolism and interpretations to heart. She had recently started seeing signs from nature, and could be accused of being a new-aged hippie for such beliefs and practices. However, she believed that nature is what controls this world, and she would be foolish not to notice the signs it places in front of her every day. Although she had progressed to interpreting encounters with various animals and bugs, everyone receives messages from nature. When there is a blizzard passing through, that is a message that you should avoid going outside that day and instead enjoy your home. When a flood envelops your town, that’s a sign that you should maybe rethink about building infrastructure in that location. When the sun is out and the air warm and inviting, that is a message that you should get outside and enjoy the day. We often choose to ignore those signs however, and progress forward with whatever plans we had on our plate for the day, taking no heed of what Mother Nature might be suggesting. Since she had begun listening to nature and keeping her eyes open for moments like these, She felt a deeper connection to her surroundings and would always take a moment to observe the wonders that constantly surround her outdoors. She was often reminded of her true values in life, and pointed in the right direction of the healing she needed at that moment. It was as if nature had tapped into her subconscious and was portraying it in physical form for her to notice. The signs and symbolism are ever present, she just had to be willing to open her eyes to seeing it around her.
She was reminded that she is not alone in this world, she just has to remember to return to her pack. She must keep busy with pursuing her dreams and goals, otherwise she will become complacent and wonder why she never accomplished anything in life. However, she doesn’t have to do it all alone. She must remember to keep a light heart, and not allow herself to get pulled down by the weight and drag of those who are not seeking to fly with her. Not everyone was given wings, but she was and she would use them for all they are worth.

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