A Vacation from a Life of Luxury

She lived a life of luxury and took it for granted almost every day. She had a roof over her head every evening, and one that even kept the rain and the wind from disturbing her slumber. She had a room she called her own, that she decorated to fit her personality and preferences and designed to fit the function of her life. She had a broad, queen bed lined with layer after layer of blankets and pillows that kept her warm throughout the night and sleep like a Queen. She had fallen into the routine of lighting candles for pleasure, versus as source of light and burned the precious fuel that she would only miss when Mother Nature waged a war against the house’s electrical system. She had the excess income to fund her indulgent habits, yet still was always looking for more things to fill her life with that money could buy. She had an excess of clothes, that she picked and chose based on style preference versus function. She bought plane tickets and had a clean record that allowed her to leave her native country at her leisure. Not having enough food in her stomach was at the fault of her laziness, versus not having access to sustenance in the first place. She was able to focus on the mental illnesses that she had developed versus physical illness that destroyed her ability to think in the first place.  And when she did have a physical illness, she had the money and health care coverage to seek the professional help she required. Most of all though, she was rich with friends and good people in her life who would always stand by her side. There was more than one person in her cell phone who she could call and instantly be connected with for inspiration, support, and understanding. She had people who remembered her birthday, and celebrated it with her every year. She had a family that she loved unconditionally, and who did the same for her. She had the luxury of being herself, and having all the material and emotional support to always do so.

Thinking upon her ever nearing trip to Asia, and preparing for to carry the necessities she had grown accustomed to in life, she felt spoiled and ridiculous for carrying such a large pack. There was emergency medication, that she had easily obtained with a credit card at the local drug store, a water filtering bottle, and a first aid kit that could fix any mild ailment she might stumble into. There were five different outfits, in varying degree of warmth and function, so that she would be comfortable no matter what she encountered over her month long adventure. She had three pairs of shoes, each one with a distinct purpose, while there were even more that she wanted to add for the sake of style. She had collected a myriad of travel sized toiletries, compacting their product and familiar brand into a convenient, carrying size to accompany her where grooming habits and techniques varied widely. There was even compact sizes of makeup, so that she could blend into the night scene she might encounter, and have the luxury of beauty while backpacking. She had preordered foreign currency and obtained an international credit card, so that she would be free to purchase anything and everything as soon as she landed. Then there was the countless forms of entertainment, as if travelling around the world was not entertaining enough – headphones, kindle, journals, phone, mp3 player, cards, and a camera. All these objects were enveloped by a pleasantly purple pack, that was not only the epitome of function but also her favorite color. And in her eyes, this was roughing it with only the essentials. She had paired down her usual collection of items that filled her rolling suitcase, and picked out only the necessary items she would need, that could fit in a 40-liter backpack, and she was still carrying more than what the majority of people in the continent she was visiting, owned at all. She was ashamed of the wealth gap that so obviously stood in between her and the remote places she wished to visit. She would never classify herself as wealthy in her home environment, however in the face of so much poverty and political instability around the world she was rich with both objects and human rights. She was humbled before she ever even step foot in the place she had never been before, because she knew that the scales of wealth did not translate around the world. She lived a life of luxury to some, and a life of poverty to others, but she knew where she stood – she was rich. Rich with love, intelligence, objects, sustenance, friends, and leisure.

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