Learning To Take My Own Advice

Just keep writing.
— That’s what I tell myself when I am took confused to even tie my shoes.
Just keep believing in yourself.
— That’s what I say when I have nothing left to encourage my best.
Just keep trusting that everything will fall into place.
— That’s what I try to place faith in when I am finally about to cave in.
Just keep moving.
— That’s what I attempt to practice when I want to be past this.
Just relax.
— That’s what I attempt to remind when I don’t like what I find.
Just breathe.
— That’s what I whisper when the weight is crushing and life is rushing.
Just remember who you are.
— That’s what I attempt to do when I am left unglued.
Just accept that you are human.
— That’s what I demand when I am left with a shaking hand.
Just embrace your flaws.
— That’s what I say to others but refuse to do for myself until it smothers.
Just drop your pursuit of perfection.
— That’s what I want to do when I have nothing left to lose.

But I don’t listen to my own advice even when it is given twice,
Per day and the day that I see is wasted away,
To the point of holding no value and I am left without you,
The voice in my head and the only company I keep in my bed.
And I refuse to listen and put my best foot in,
Because the thought of failure is too much to bear and the threat of never finding myself leaves me with too much to care,
About and think about and attempt to forget about.
These words are for You,
And these words are something to chew upon and reflect,
And meant to help protect the person I am becoming,
And the future I have been shunning.
— The one where I am truly myself and I am free to be everything I can speak, but never did think, was a part of me.