Please Don’t Insult Me

No offense,

But don’t insult my intelligence.

Don’t place yourself above me in a superiority that only you see,

And don’t you dare talk down to me.

Don’t think that just because I am humble in my manners that the things I do don’t matter.

I learned to downplay my inquisitiveness in my youth and hide the answers I knew to be true,

And I was put down for being a nerd and that is all I heard,

I kept my mouth shut because it was not cool to be good at school,

And in the ghetto my intelligence was something to learn to let go if I wanted to grow,

To be thought of as someone who is pretty not one who is thinking.

But don’t think that my intelligence doesn’t exist.

And don’t you dare attempt to deny that I have the capacity to outshine.

Because I graduated Cum Laude,

And before that I was number six in my class,

I was an Honors Student since I started school,

Classes were easy for me to pass,

I have a vocabulary that is ever expanding,

And I have a feeling that I was never meant to fit in,

I was a silent student who knew all the answers,

And a bashful award winner,

I could list off more accomplishments in my youth than you probably ever considered,

But I will always be the last one to take credit.

Because I know that everyone has intelligence of their own,

And this is not something I hold alone.

So if I don’t insult your intelligence then please don’t insult mine.

Just give me the time to prove to you what I can truly do,

And I will do the same for you.