Do Not Use My Purse

Just because I am a neat freak doesn’t mean I enjoy cleaning up after you.
And just because I’m trained in hospitality doesn’t mean I do housekeeping for you.
Just because I can cook doesn’t mean I have to do it for you.
And just because I bake doesn’t mean that these cookies are all for you.
Just because I’m understanding and I do the dishes for you,
Does not mean you can take advantage of me.

I know that you do not expect these things because I am a woman,
And that your jokes about feminism you do not actually believe in.
I know that you do not mean to offend,
But that is what I am in the end.

I hate being called a House Elf,
And I hate that you have no sense of self.
I hate that I make messes magically disappear,
And I hate that Thank You is something I rarely hear.
I hate that you do this without consciousness,
And I hate that none of this is malicious,
Because it almost makes it worse,
The fact that I am used for my purse.

I know that you do not think less of me,
And I know that this is not something to belittle me.
I know that you simply do not think of these things,
And I know that this is something to your attention I must bring.
But I would rather that you are just aware,
And that you actually care,
About the things I do,
To make life a bit easier for you.

Because I hate being used,
And I am no longer amused,
By the actions you take,
And the way that you fake,
Caring about the things I need,
And the life I want to lead.