How To Handle An Existential Crisis:

Why must I have all of the answers?
Because I seek them out.

And Why do I always have to figure things out?
Because there is no other choice.

Why does no one seem to be on the same page as me?
Because they do not feel the purpose I feel in my soul.

And Why am I never satisfied with the life I live?
Because I want.

How can I continue on with being so lost and yet so sure of myself?
Because it is a daily state I have come to accept.

And How do I know if I am headed in the right direction?
Because I trust my gut.

How will I know when I have found what I am looking for?
Because I will be smiling.

And How do I know that I am doing what I need to do to prepare?
Because I am breathing.

What is it that makes this life worth living?