I Hate Poems

I never liked poetry.
I find it fanciful and romantic and woefully unrealistic.
It breaks the rules I love to follow and allows the flow to expand in all directions.
I know it is art but I do not understand it.
I hate that there is no structure
And I hate that every form of poetry is written correctly.
I am uncomfortable with the rhyme every time I attempt it.
And flow is something I never seem to find.
I attempt to appreciate it and I attempt to embrace it.
I am in love with rap lyrics and remind myself that they started as poems,
But there is something that I still hate about poetry.

I have read the greats and witnessed their art.
I have attempted to join their ranks and allowed my words to flow freely.
I tried breaking the rules and feeling satisfied with what resulted.
I tested the waters and played with words,
But everything I come up with seems absurd.
I hate my lack of rhythm and dispise my lack of vision.
And I wish that flow was a gift I possessed,
But I am a rule follower and step taker,
And have never been a rule breaker.

I never felt that poetry served me,
Back when I felt that I had no feelings.
I never allowed the words to work inside my heart,
And I never saw the value in unstructured sentences.
I valued Grammar and played by its rules,
And clung onto its structure to validate that I am no fool.
I needed outside confirmation that I possessed skill,
And poetry is too free form to allow that will.
There are no rules,
And that intimidates me,
Because it leaves me to be,
Who I truly can be,
And to see all that there is to see.