An Urgent Reminder

His look today was one of a plea, directed at any human who would listen. What he was looking for, they were unsure, but it was clear that he was seeking something. He had an urgent look in his eyes and was persistent with the way he pursued his collected humans.

He made the first round of inquiry without success, after politely approaching each thumbed creature for assistance that he did not receive. He narrowed his pursuit down the the humans who could read his facial expressions best — the ones who lived with him. As the hierarchy goes, he pursued the female version of his human first, asking her for something which he did not have the ability to express in words. She knew he wanted something, but being engrossed in the couch she did not want to take the time to discover what it might be. Instead she playfully insisted that he used words to communicate his needs, while the look on his face read something along the lines of “Bitch, if I could I would. Do you know how frustrating this is??” He continued to lack words but persistently nudge her until she could no longer playfully ignore his insistence. She looked him in the eye, grabbed him by the face and asked what he could possibly want from her. The production of words still failed him and he gave up on the secondary human to move on to the highest in the ranks of his hierarchy — his human. He had a respect for his human that ranked above everything else in his life. Food was important and being let outside was necessary, but paying respect to his human was ingrained in him. He gave him space when needed and only demanded attention when it was really needed. It was a role of subservience that he played, while knowing that he was the most important person in his human’s life. It was not disrespect that led his human to ignore his furry friend’s needs, it was more of the fact that Mo demanded little and put up with a lot. He had patience and understanding that flowed through his bones, and a natural inclination to be served last. He knew that his human was his master and his life line, and he respected the important role that he played for his survival. He could not conceive a life without his human and he knew that as long as he lived he would never have to experience such an existence. He had complete faith in the fact that his human would always be there for him when he needed him, and that was a good enough fact for him to eternally serve his human in return. But in this moment, the time had come to demand that attention was paid and his needs were met. Mo wandered over to his human and nudged him in the slightest of manners, alerting him of his presence. It was a timid demand and only a slight distraction for his human who was clicking away on his computer, the way he had for days on end as of late. Mo did not know what held his human’s attention so intensely, but he knew that it was important to the most important person in his life. He lied down for a minute to patiently wait for him to finish what was in front of him, but the time never seem to come around. He could have waited all day for his human, and normally would, but this time he had a pressing need to address. He got up and wandered back up to his human’s lap. This time he nudged him and rested his head on his lap, a subtle but direct move for attention. This proved to gain him momentary head pats and a chuckle from the person whose attention he was seeking. And although the love was something that Mo was always thankful for, it was not the goal of his persistence. Frustrated with his human but obviously picking up on the fact that he did not want to be bothered, he returned to his secondary human for sympathy and understanding. He hopped up on the couch next to her and stared her dead in the eye. It was an eye contact that could not be avoided and exactly the message Mo was trying to send. He was bold enough to then place a paw on her with purpose so that she knew he was not fucking around this time. The gesture was once again playfully turned into a handshake, much to his growing frustration. He pawed her again and repeated the action until she finally took him seriously. Using the tool that Mo was lacking, she turned to his human and used words to say, “Hey, I think your dog wants something.” His human turned to look at the situation his secondary human was referring to, and responded again with a chuckle. He pointed out that Mo obviously thought of her as his serving bitch, hense why he had persisted in bothering her over him. This erupted into protests from her and demands of respect from Mo — none of which was the outcome he was seeking. He pawed her again which only provoked more laughter and protest from the humans. Eventually Mo hopped off the couch and danced around the room, taking up as much space and demanding as much attention as possible without vocalizing his intention. His master eventually got up from the chair he had barely left all day and stood in front of Mo to receive the answer he so obviously wanted to provide. Elated with attention finally being paid, Mo ran over to his toy pile and selected his favorite ball from the bunch. He pranced over to his human and placed it at his feet with a wag of the tail that was uncontrollable and enthusiastic. All he wanted was to play. Baffled by his persistence, the humans laughed at his simple need and picked up the ball and took a look outside — It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine and the energy of life thriving in every living being. Mo felt the call of nature and he insisted on spreading the word. He needed his humans to let him outside and operate the door handles with the advantageous opposable thumbs, but they needed him to remind them to get outside and enjoy life’s little moments of simple pleasures.