Finding The One

Humans had always come in and out of his life as they pleased. He welcomed each of them in their moment of introduction but never allowed himself to become too attached to them. Plus he held little interest for human unless they were his human, or holding food. With age he grew to accept that some of these humans would stick around and he had to put up with that. These were the humans who were important to his human, so they were vicariously important to him. He learned the roles they played in his human’s life and appreciated them for what they were able to provide his human that he couldn’t. He put up with girlfriends and the way that they claimed his spot on the bed next to his human, for the sake of seeing his human happy. He loved his human’s sisters with the same acceptance and slight annoyance that his human did, because he could tell that they meant the world to each other. He respected his human’s mother in a fearful fashion that had characterized his human’s youth as well, because he knew that mother would always be the alpha for as long as she lived. He got excited about playmates and the humans who seemed to only show up to wrestle him to the floor and run around with him on the lawn. And a developed an infrequent loyalty to the humans who always fed him their table scraps, even though he knew that they were bribing him for his love. He put with with roommates who did not seem to recognize the authority of him or his human, and chose to ignore the ones who his human did not like. He was always loyal to one, but he shared love with many. Each and every human who met Mo had a special relationship with him and grew almost instantly attached to his unique ways of allowing his tongue to loll out in moments of relaxation and peeing across his stomach without a care. They put up with his lack of enthusiasm for Fetch and indulged him with treks through the forest. They laughed at his odd habits and yelled at him for chewing up his own back. They all knew he was broken in one way or another, but they loved him even more in spite of it — just like they did with his human. They were the perfect pair, Mo and his human, and no one could replicate the relationship they had with each other. They appeared to manifest the same ticks and oddities, but somehow made them work to increase their attractiveness. An ideal evening for each of them was spent around a campfire in the wilderness and they each found comfort in a low key evening at home. Neither of them held a long enthusiasm for going out to the bars and socializing with strangers, but they both did it for the sake of the other. There was a mutual understanding between them that they needed each other and they would have admitted their dependence on each other freely. One would not function well without the other, and the dependence was something they craved. They each experienced misfortunate events in their lives and it was that that brought them together. They instantly formed a bond of understanding that would never be broken and became the only being who mattered in the other’s life. Everyone else they had learned would come and go, but what they had could never be taken. They put up with the inconveniences of the other’s life for the sake of being together, and never once regretted their sacrifice. Mo could have chosen any human he pleased, but he chose one who fit him in the only way he could be happy with. Although you could argue that the human chose the beast, Mo chose his human with one look and there was no way his human could ever say no to his new furry best friend.