Holding Steadfast in a Sea of Change

He could see her struggling to keep track of who she is and not allow her new routine to cloud her perceptions. She had spent months with him living as they pleased and not caring about the influences of the outside world. They did not care about living what was considered a normal life style and instead momentarily lived one that suited each of their needs instead. They dove into the forest on every beautiful day that was offered and spent hours wandering in the company of each other’s solitude without the pressure of another commitment cutting their wandering time short. They practiced yoga every day to build strength and balance for the purpose of living and nothing more. They killed time by walking every where they could and enjoying moments of connection with random strangers. They spent hours on the porch while she poured thoughts out on paper and he patrolled the neighborhood with a watchful eye. They each found a different seemingly pointless purpose to embody and they took pride in the little things they each accomplished. She found pride in being able to keep up with her four-legged companion on walks through the forest and he took pride in always leading the way. She applauded herself for her bravery to put thoughts and emotions into a tangible medium, while he celebrated after every shit he took on the appropriate spot on the lawn. Their standards varied and the purposes they served were not advantageous for anyone besides themselves, and they shamelessly led the life they needed to live. They ended up finding joy in the little things, like the sun shining and the trails being clear for just them to enjoy. Or spotting a unique bird on a walk through the neighborhood and taking time to watch it flit around. They moved slowly and took time to breath in life versus run through agendas. From the outside their lives did not hold much value and appeared to move slower than was considered normal, but they each moved at the pace they needed at the time to process. They needed to slow down from the chaos that led to this habit of idleness. But now she was headed back into the thick of life and she left him to continue on with idleness in solitude. She began to get up early and was out for most of the day before he was even allowed to leave his slumbering human’s room. She returned from her day too tired to even play fetch with him in the yard and retired to bed before they had a chance to snuggle. She was even more obsessed with typing away on her computer than she was before and he could not seem to draw her attention away from it the way he used to be able to. Something had changed in her life, and he knew it was for the better but he could not help but feel abandoned. They had developed a relationship and way of living they had both come to rely upon and just as abruptly as it had began, it came to just as sudden of an end. He had no choice in the matter and was not able to speak his opposition even if he wanted to. He knew that this was better for her and that a human cannot continue living the life of a dog, but he missed his two-legged cohort in being lackadaisical and she could see that fact with the urgent greeting she received at the end of every long work day.  He served as a reminder of the life she had been able to live and the peace she had found in a seemingly menial existence. But she had to carry on living and he knew that the relationship they had fostered would be revived on her days off. He had no doubt that she would continue to make time for him because she needed it just as much as he did. And she craved the moments of peace that only they shared together. And she would always return faithfully to his side to explore new trails and revisit the ones they always loved. Because they needed each other and they needed those little moments of joy and peace no matter what else was added to their lives and who else competed for space in their minds. The relationship they developed would always be there for them, waiting loyally by the door for their return. She found peace in that fact and he found reassurance that he would never be abandoned — and that’s what they each needed in order to continue on living the life that was thrown at them and to keep up with the inevitable inertia of change that tried to throw them off course.