The Only Opinion That Matters

Today was the day he made her see that she had changed — for the better or worse was still to be determined, but she had indeed changed. There was a stark difference between the way she spent her time these days. She was out of the house constantly, would return home exhausted and smoke herself to sleep in order to wake up and do it all over again. She was raising her voice more often and visibly frustrated with whatever she experienced while she was away from home. She was packing suitcases and unpacking them again just to allow them to sit on her floor for a week and be packed up again. She was always tired yet always moving and she never seemed to stop and play fetch anymore. She was finally moving again and she had finally admitted defeat to the strain of boredom. She craved the movement and had transferred it from one area of her life to another. Instead of walking trails with Mo every day, she walked him to the store to run necessary errands. And instead of spending hours writing on the front porch together, she spent hours living the life she wanted to write about. She lost track of her sedentary ways and she was caught up in the rush of summer. The ice on her soul and mind had finally thawed and she was renewed with a desire to live once again — Mo could sense the truth in his understanding soul, that she was finally finding her place. She was finally living the life a human was meant to live, especially a human who had so much to offer this world. She had thoughts to share and actions to take. She had people to meet and a life that was waiting for her to claim. She had human responsibility that she could no longer avoid, despite how much they had both enjoyed her hibernation. They knew it wasn’t bound to last long, because they knew that she would never truly be satisfied with living a life that did not serve her overactive mind and soul. They knew that reality one day would hit and that she could no longer live a life that accommodated their lazy habits. She had to rejoin the ranks of human some day and face the reality she lived in. But she wanted it, and she craved it. She sought out adventure because it made her soul sing. And she sought out friends because they gave her the love she attempted to deny herself at times. She needed to break out of her own head because it was stopping her from doing the things that she knew she could accomplish. She needed a break from life, but she also could not allow it to go one forever. Because she had forgotten what she was taking a break from in the first place. Was she trying to escape the friends that she loved so dearly? And was she trying to forget the adventures that inspired her soul? Did she think that hiding from reality would create one that she was happy with? Did she really think that the life of a dog would be enough to carry her through the hard times? Or did she know the whole time that what she was doing was a hindrance and what she was truly seeking was movement? Because Mo knew the whole time that this would not last long, and he knew that his new found conspirator in laziness would some day move on. He saw it coming and he embraced her as he only knew how. He waited for her return at the end of long and tiring days. And he placed the ball at her feet when she needed to take a break. He trusted her to take care of him still and thanked her for the littlest things, like refilling his water dish, because he knew the energy the she carried had been drained from her after her human activities. He knew that she was trying and he knew that she was exhausted, and he accepted it without resentment. He knew they would still have their time together, and he knew that her frustration with herself would not last forever. He accepted it all with a gracious bow at her feet and the return of love and understanding that she refused to extend to herself at times. He reminded her that she is only human and that we all have our weaknesses and we all have to suffer through trials. But he also reminded her that he will always be there for her. He would always be waiting patiently by the door for her return and he will always make her feel loved and appreciated. He would always be up for adventure and never be too tired for a walk through the woods that they both craved. He was no longer the center of her attention, but he knew that in the moments that she did have free, and in those times when she did finally pause in movement, she would stop to pet him on the head and say thank you. Thank you for being there for her, and thank you for helping her through her moments of weakness. Thank you for being so loyal and thank you for your eternal understanding. Thank you for being a dog, and thank you for reminding her that she is human. Because today was the day the she looked in the mirror and saw someone different. And now is the time that she is attempting to live in. Yesterday was a day that she lived and tomorrow is a day she looks forward to. But this is the time that she values and this is what she lives for. And Mo is the only friend who could tell her so gently and remind her so carefully to accept what is and love the opportunity that was handed to her. And he was the only one who could tell her that she had changed.