Swimming Through A Dream

It was just me and the view I could see. It was just me and the river that led into the sea. It was just me contemplating everything.
I was able to take a moment to breathe. I was able to look beyond what I currently see. I was able to relax into a different version of me.
It was just me and this moment. It was just what I wanted. It served me in ways that I hadn’t thought of.
I was happy with my solidarity. I was basking in my singular glory. I was finally able to reconnect with me.
It was just a few hours. It could have been for days. It was when I lost track of my own debate.
I am at peace when I am left to contemplate. I am at home when I am left alone. I am indifferent to what I will eventually have to pursue as the hours pass by with nothing for me to do.
It was a moment that was not lost on me. It was a moment in which I breathed easy. It was exactly what I wanted to see.
I am exhausted by the bullshit. I am tired of what I am constantly left with. I am ready to move on from this.
It is a moment of clarity. It became a piece of me. It is the space I need.
I am certain that the river spoke to me. I am positive that it gave me the air I breathe. I am sure that I could feel the earth moving beneath my feet.
It shifted my perception. It willed me away from being numb. It embraced the change that is certain to come.
I am different. I am trying. I am rewinding to the moment when it was just me and the river.
It was when I felt a sense of being whole. It was when I had faith in what I’ve been through before. It was when I was in awe and nothing more.
I was watching the sun move slowly. I was taking in every detail of the natural glory. I was thinking about how they would share my story.
It was a humble moment when I was forced to surrender. It was when I put down my struggle for the better. It was when became at peace with the constant flow of the river.
I saw myself move in the reflection. I saw the current closing in. I saw my opening.
And I dove in.

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