Not Another Missed Connection

I’m happy you called.
We had so much to share since the last time we met I had began to lose track of what I wanted to say to you in my head…
There was the hummingbird that made me think of the time when we were laying on the ground discussing the possibilities unbound.
There was a sunset or two I wanted to share with you.
There were all the times I thought to call but was overwhelmed with the pressure of it all.
There were countless moments when I thought of you and there was nothing I did to follow through…
It wasn’t just when I wanted sex.
And it wasn’t when I was lacking compliments in my head.
It wasn’t when I made actions that I regret.
And it wasn’t when I doubted the words you once said…
It was moments when I wanted to share with you all the thoughts that I have as I lay down to bed…
It was when I remembered that you are my perfect fit…
You are the blue in my sky.
I am the stoner to your metal.
You are the stability I lack.
I am the one who asks you to fight back.
You are the strength in our embrace.
I am the patience that you lack in your ways.
You are the one who I want to fall asleep with.
I am the one that you hopefully dreamed of…
Since we fit together perfectly I am lead to believe that you are the best thing for me.
You are my anti-anxiety medication and also what brings me this pain.
You are the comfort that I seek and also the thought over which I lose sleep.
You could be the missing piece of me if I allow you to be…
I’m happy I saw you.
Thanks for reminding me that you are what I need.
Thanks for calming my anxiety.
Thanks for being the you you are with me.

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