Hire Me

I’m going to crush this.
I have to or else.
I have to make this work to receive what I deserve. I want this to be the solution that I have always been searching for. I want this and nothing more. I want the perfect amount of freedom and the right amount of denial that will help me get by. I want to not even notice that I am trying. I want this to mean more to me than it does to you.
And I want the opportunity to choose.
This time I care about losing.
This time I will be moving.
I will move on from this mess in my head. I will never regret the words that I’ve said. I will allow this to be what I need. I will seek a different version of me.
This is the time to believe.
I have the strength it takes. I have a mind that can win debates. I am searching for my place in this life and scouring the earth for a reason to try.
I will no longer be denied.
I can feel the confidence building on the inside.
I can sense that this might be my place. I feel that I can keep up in this race. I will do my best and one day be at rest. I can say that it is my time but I know that this decision of out of my line of vision. This choice is out of my control. This could be what I was searching for or it could be another closing door.
But that does not matter.
This is an opportunity to put in my best and allow things to settle in the manner that they were meant to. This is a chance for me to brag about my worth and meet potential cohorts. This is a chance to be more and I am ready to embrace it in a way I never have before. I can feel the pressure building within me. I can feel the itch to move on from what I currently see. I want to be more than this current version of me.
I can do this.
I can master it.
I can be the answer that we both wanted.
Give me this opportunity and you might see what it means to me to be the best I can be.

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