Let Them Talk Shit

She is resolute in the way that she stands,
Firmer in her beliefs than I thought possible and confident in the unjustified criticism of those around her.
She stands stronger than I ever thought to before,
Leaving her a force that cannot be ignored.
She is unashamed in the way she operates knowing that she has found her place amongst a crowd that cries out she is displaced.
She does not listen to the words they say.
She moves forward in her own way.
She does not give a shit about what they say and that is every clearer with every passing day.
Let them mock her garden,
She will laugh with the fruit of her labor she is holding.
Let them call her a hippie,
She will prove that there is more to her than they might see.
Let them criticise her diet,
She knows the benefits of the health they are denying.
Let them say she is a pale Californian,
She will point out that their view is obscured by the ignorance of their origins.
And let them try to put her down,
She knows that their opinions are unfounded.
She will listen to these hyper critical words that you have to say and she will shoot them down in the most intelligent of ways.
Let them call her gay,
She doesn’t care who you sleep with anyway.
Let them call her a prude,
She knows that there are things she is not willing to do.
Let them call her a bitch,
She will teach you to be careful about what you want to manifest.
Let them be rude,
She will throw it right back at you.
Since she has been through hell and back and still will be the person that you want to attract,
Since her personality shines so brightly that you cannot help but see,
That she is the most badass woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting.
Let them doubt that she has anything to complain about.
Let them see that she has more in which to believe.
Let them doubt that she has the strength.
Let her prove that she has gone to much farther lengths to show that your judgement and assumptions are misplaced.
Let her hear your negativity and she will counter it brilliantly.
Just let her be.
She will show you what you were always missing.
Learn to believe that she is a woman who will succeed otherwise you will be a victim of her conspiracy,
That woman are no weaker than the words they speak.
Let them doubt what I see,
And I will prove that she means the world to me.
Let them say she is too young,
And I will prove that her life is long past just begun.
Let them think that she is falling behind,
And I will prove that she is just biding her time.
Let them think that there is something wrong with her,
And I will prove that she is more brilliant than I could ever conceive.
Let them think this of her,
And I will prove that you are just bored.
Get a life of your own.
Recognize that she has grown.
Stop criticizing what you don’t understand.
Learn to be the first to extend a helping hand.
Stop these assumptions and you might be able to see,
The best version of a confident woman that I could ever wish to be.

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