Answer Me

Is this what abuse looks like? Does it involve a love that is dependant to a fault? Is it dedication to something that is absurd? Is it saving a loss cause that is screaming for help and drowning out your own words? Is it the time it takes for someone to react? Is fueled by an instinct to not fight back? Is it something that I have been trying to keep in tact?

Is this what disregard means? Is it the feeling that you move about your own home unseen? Is it a lack of consideration? Is it a lack of contribution? Is it a version of dependence? Or is it just what I have come to live with?

Is this what a best friend can be? Are they mean? Do they allow the struggle to go unseen? Do they only extend help and hope when I need it most? Are they generally missing? Or do they stay by my side out of dependence? Is this the best they can give? Do they just need me to help them live?

Is this what deceit looks like? Does it come back to bite you with time? Does it consist of lies that you want to ignore? Does it matter to no one else? Or should the feeling of distrust be further felt? Should I see what you have made me?

Is this what our relationship was destined to be? You against me? Or me against the truth? Who is the one who will draw the line? What excuse will you come up with this time? How can I ever save we when we never formed the image of a team?

What does all of this mean? Are you not the friend that I thought I had? Are you not a person on who I can depend? Where does that leave me in the end? Am I down a friend? Or have I eliminated someone on who I could never depend? What is the loss that I will recognize? And what have I been willing to sacrifice? Where was your end of this compromise?

Will this hurt me more than it hurts you? Or do you recognize what you do? Where will these questions lead you?

I can only hope that it will be to the truth.


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