Gender Identity

These Women were fierce,
They were strong and beautiful and something unusual,
They had intelligence and grace,
They had weaknesses that they’ve already faced,
They were bold and dramatic and used these as tactics,
They were obscure and unique,
They accepted me.
These Women were kind and welcoming,
They were not used to compromising,
They were fun and filled with laughter,
They were the friends that I was looking for,
They were the influence that I craved,
They spoke of nothing negative,
They were open and supportive,
They were confident in themselves,
They were a positive influence that I felt,
They were the friends that I wish I always had,
But they quickly became people I call friends.
These Women were proud of what they had to offer,
They were bold in their statements,
They were unashamed of their traits,
They were unique,
They were everything I want to be,
These Women embraced me.
They embraced my height and my skinny body,
They were not jealous of the fact that I am considered pretty,
They were understanding of my difficulty speaking,
They were patient with me,
They offered no shame,
They took the time to learn my name,
They listened earnestly to what I had to say,
They accepted my unusual ways,
They asked me to share more than I thought to first convey,
They became my friends instead of my enemies,
They offer no threat to me,
They taught me what Women can be.
They can be accepting, not criticizing,
They can be confident, not bragging,
They can be intelligent, not snobby,
They can be quiet, not judgey,
They can be friendly, not fake,
They can speak openly, not with disgrace,
They can be independent, not self conscious,
They can be friends, not foes.
They are not hoes.
They are not sluts.
They are not cunts.
They are not whores.
They are not pussies.
Those are not the Women of my identity.

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