About Her

I am “her” and the mind through which you wander. I am the girl growing into the woman laid out on the pages before you, and the voice offered to the back of your mind, contemplating every day occurrences. I present you with questions about how we should live, and I question every day if I am headed in the right direction. I am a wanderer, and I attempt to embrace life’s unexpected surprises around every corner. I am anxious, nervous, introverted, quiet, and generally ‘shy’. I am also an adrenaline junkie, contradicting these ingrained character traits on a daily basis. I am an addict to many substances, people, and experiences in life, and I struggle to keep my addictions in check, and then struggle with a reason as to why I should check myself. I want to fully experience this life I was given, and live without regret. I may have failed this goal once or twice already, but I forgive myself.

At times I struggle with myself and my place in this world, and at those times, I turn to words to guide me. These are my words. I hope that they may guide you, or repel you, or motivate you to some form of action. I am her, and I wish you safe travels as you wander through my mind…



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