Finding a Four-Legged Home

He welcomed her home in a way that no other being could, and it was the fact that he was there to greet her that made her come home at all. Continue reading


Welcome, Home

This is my home,
A place that thrives on community and looks to serve its environmental duties.
This is where I have chosen to live,
A city that was built on whores and now lives for beer pours.
This is a place I see value in,
A home within reach of the mountains, fresh air, and the beach.
This is a place where I belong,
Where the intellects thrive with artists and everyone has a different view on politics.
This is the place that called to me,
With its forests and trees, and a promise to be free.

And for once in my life,
This is where I have chosen to lay roots,
And I chose to break the cycle of of movement,
I chose to face my fears and commit,
Because this community is too strong to not see value in,
And this unique point of view on life is something I want to embrace,
And in any case this is where I’ve signed a lease,
And this is where I’ve made promises to stay,
Until the wind blows me a different way,
But for now I embrace the play and love another day,
In this place where I want to stay,
In suspended adolescence,
A place where I believe dreams do come true,
In the city I dare to call Home.